10 Quick Ways To Recharge Your Battery (And No, I Don't Mean Your Phone)
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Mobile phone. Our constant companion through the day. Literally. For it accompanies us everywhere we go, both in the house and outside. We don’t even travel from one room to another without it escorting us.

It’s only natural then that we take great care of it. We never forget to keep it charged and the moment it signals low battery, we leave all work midway to go charge it first so it doesn’t switch off. That’s our love for our phones.

Fair enough, for our daily work and life depends on it to a large extent. The poor thing’s overworked all day long; it does need to be recharged to keep it going.

Now picture this. Every day of our lives, since the very time we wake up in the morning, we’re running a marathon. Each one of us in our own ways. There are things to do, tasks to finish, results to achieve.

The result? Both our body and the mind are overworked. Do we recharge them? Well, admittedly, not as much as we do our phones!

Why? Our whole day depends on the healthy state of our mind and body. Then why allow them to experience this? (see picture below)

Phone battery vs Human battery

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And the good news? You have extremely simple yet very powerful quick-fix ways to recharge human battery! Before I begin, let me tell you they aren’t something completely unknown or extraordinary but we only seem to have forgotten about them in our everyday hustle of life.

Slowly re-including them in our day is what’s needed. And once you do, you’d see your battery bar move up! Try it. I did and they work great. See for yourself.

But wait, did I tell you why you need to recharge your life battery in the first place? Why is it so important? So here it is.

Why Do I Need A Recharge?

Well, I can put it the simplest way through the following equation:

Low battery –> low mood –> low productivity

Simple? You overwork your mind and body. They get tired and drained out. You don’t do anything to charge yourself up. By the end of the day, it’s not just your body giving up, your mind’s acting all crazy too.

You’re frustrated. You’re irritable. And the worst? You vent it all out on people around you, in most cases, family (it’s difficult to be your natural self at work). And then when your mood’s not right, you don’t feel much productive either.

You either don’t feel like doing the task at hand anymore or don’t wish to take up anything else originally planned for the day. And low productivity means even more frustration (at not having accomplished the desired results), leading you back to low mood and “not feeling so good about yourself”.

Well, not a very healthy situation to be in, is it? You don’t have to be, my friend! When you adopt these 10 super-easy practices in your lifestyle, you’d notice that change in your physical and mental energy levels.

The result then?

Elevated mood –> Boost in energy –> Super productivity –> Faster results –> Happy YOU!

Makes sense? And who’s at the receiving end of these benefits?

Every one of us!

  1. Homemakers who have loads of housework to do every single day and are natural to feel bogged down with the monotony of it.

  2. Working women and men both, who have significant results to accomplish and targets to achieve every single day, and are bound to stress out and feel extremely tired halfway through the day.

  3. Stay-at-home-moms who have the dual responsibility of taking care of the house and looking after kids (sometimes more than one child).

  4. Working mothers who have a house to look after, kids as well as the office!

Anybody else too not mentioned in the above list can definitely try out these practices and bring a difference to their lives.

So let’s begin.

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10 Simple Ways To Recharge Your Battery In The Day

P.S. These are extremely simple solutions to a seemingly difficult situation and all the stress from work overload we all encounter in our daily lives. They aren’t very difficult to follow. You just have to try them out and see the results for yourself. The rest would follow :)

1. Put on a cheerful song/music

This usually works for me and a lot of other people I know or interact with. The incredible effects of music therapy aren’t completely unknown and so it’s been established that putting on your favorite number and swaying to the tune actually helps you de-stress and even get charged up!

Ever since I experienced the changes music therapy brought to my day, I follow it religiously on a routine basis. Being a stay-at-home-mom to two, I know how hard and busy your day can get. So I keep a dedicated time slot which I call “me time”.

I put on any of my favorite numbers (which I grew up listening - they instantly bring back happy memories). The swaying and grooving starts automatically and effortlessly, and there it is! My mood is lifted, I feel pumped and charged to take on the rest of the day.

How does it work?

Cheerful music has the power to drift your mind from its current state - tired and stressed - to a more peaceful and happy world. A world that you long to be a part of for just a few minutes because it makes you happy, it makes you forget what you are or have been doing, and it makes you sway or shake a leg!

Just a few minutes every day, preferably some time in the middle of the day when you tend to feel bogged down with work or just drained out of energy after finishing 50% of your tasks for the day. This welcome break is sure to turn your mood around.

2. Do some physical activity

We all keep hearing and already know of the numerous benefits of exercise, not just to our body but our mind as well. And I also know from personal experience, and that of other moms like me, that taking time out for a fitness regime can sometimes be difficult.

The reasons can be any but while we do understand its importance, it isn’t always easy. Now, how about I tell you that just 10 minutes of any physical activity of your choice at any time of the day can make you witness an amazing boost in your productivity levels?

I do 10 minutes of Sun Salutation every morning so I know how I feel during the rest of the day. I feel tired less often (there are exceptional days, of course), but most importantly, it is what exercise does to my mind that I’m most impressed with.

I feel happy from within. I happen to develop a positive attitude towards mundane things of everyday life. I also feel supercharged to finish up my everyday household chores so I can look forward to doing something I enjoy.

It could be anything - drawing, painting, embroidery, sowing, gardening, you name it. All those small but extremely enjoyable things you found so much fun doing earlier but can’t take time out for anymore. You’d actually find time if you include just 10 minutes of fitness into your everyday life.

How does it work?

Exercise, yoga, meditation - anything which benefits your body and mind - have immense power to relax the deepest of your muscles and nerves, basically the entire nervous system that’s responsible for controlling all of your actions. When the nervous system relaxes, your actions are bound to be more productive.

Physical activity like skipping, jumping, running, or even walking, helps pump blood flow and clears your mind of all unwanted thoughts.

Plus, increased productivity also means that you end up finishing work earlier and get more time for yourself or your loved ones! Something we all want, right?

Cheerful music has the power to drift your mind from its current state - tired and stressed - to a more peaceful and happy world. A world that you long to be a part of for just a few minutes.

3. Call or message someone…just because

We have gotten so busy in our respective lives that there’s hardly time to catch up with ourselves, forget about anyone else.

But have you ever experienced when you called/messaged/emailed someone and it brought a smile on their face or they said that it made their day?

Yes, we all must have at some point of time. How does this happen? Because when you call someone unexpectedly, just because, with no specific demand or reason in mind, it makes them feel good. Why? They feel wanted and special. To top it up, having a hearty conversation with them makes them and even you feel extremely cheerful from within.

How does it work?

A simple call, text message, Whatsapp, or even a nice email to someone you care for is bound to make them feel good about themselves. You can even compliment them for something they’ve done or simply for being your special friend all this while. Complimenting someone when they’re the least expecting it has a magical effect on people.

How does it benefit you? Come on! You brought a smile on someone’s face. You made their day. Is that any less reason for you to feel happy and pumped up for the rest of the day? :)

4. Get silly, yes!

It’s actually good for your mind sometimes. Doing something silly or just acting silly makes you feel like a child. Observe how children are. Happy and cheerful, nearly always, because they enjoy being silly and we love them for that, don’t we?

Take a break in the day and just play a silly game with your children - anything they like or want you to play with them. You’d notice that it brings a hearty laugh and instantly lifts your mood.

Not to forget, when you return from the break to resume your work, you feel so much better, happy, and pumped up. You have to try this.

How does it work?

Kids act silly and that’s the secret of their eternal joyfulness. We trying out the same for some part of the day makes us achieve that mental state in a jiffy! And a happy mind is a productive mind.

5. Dress up, simply

We all dress up for special occasions and social functions. But try dressing up on a regular day just for yourself! It makes a lot of difference. It doesn’t have to be too much, just something out of the ordinary which you wouldn’t think of doing otherwise on a regular day.

It could be wearing a dress which you reserve otherwise for special days (social functions/family gatherings) or maybe putting on makeup. You could even try out doing your hair differently on some days - such small and simple things work too.

How does it work?

Dressing up only for yourself helps boost your self-confidence and self-esteem and makes you feel good about yourself. And when you feel good from within, you tend to have a happy state of mind, again directly leading to better productivity and better results at what you do.

Enjoying coffee alone can be blissful

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6. Make yourself a cup of hot tea/coffee

I had no idea how this had such an incredible effect on my mood/productivity when I would take tea and coffee breaks back when I used to work in an office. But I loved the beverages and how they charged me up for the day.

Now when I’m home all day, I realize how wonderful a cup of hot tea or strong coffee can make you feel. More so when you make it just for yourself and not otherwise (like when you have guests over or you prepare tea/coffee as part of the breaksfast/evening tea routine).

This time make a cup of hot beverage (whatever you prefer - tea/coffee/hot chocolate) only for yourself. Make it your own tea/coffee break in the day at a time when you can comfortably spare a few minutes just for yourself - again your very own “me time.”

How does it work?

Caffeine is a known energy-booster, yes, but also it’s more the feeling of doing something just for yourself that counts here. When you make that cup for yourself, you’re giving yourself that time and self-care that you so rightly deserve. And it’s that good feeling that makes you happy and more productive thereafter, more than the beverage working its benefits.

7. Change the scenery

This applies more to the current scenario - the COVID times- when most of us are restricted to our homes for a major part of the day.

When you feel the day’s taking over you and your energy levels are dipping, just step out for a short stroll in your garden/terrace, if you have one, or go for a walk outside around your apartment.

If you can’t, all you have to do is open your balcony door and feel the outside air on your face. It’s an instant refreshment.

How does it work?

Staying in the four walls of a house all day long can get frustrating for many. And all that frustration ends up getting vent out over people around you - spouse and kids in particular.

When you feel stressed from work or tired running around, finishing stuff, taking a short “stroll break” helps clear the head and even puts things into perspective. Not to forget, walking helps boost blood flow, for it’s an exercise in itself.

8. Take a hot shower

A shower early morning/late evening is always enjoyable. But have you tried taking one in the middle of the day? It’s a great relaxant. What adds to the whole relaxation experience is that it’s just ‘your’ time - the time when you barely have any other thought on your mind. And even if you do, the hot water falling on your body is enough to clear your head of any thoughts/stress.

How does it work?

After the shower, you feel much more relaxed and deeply rested, just like you would after sleeping well through the night. And it’s easier to carry on with your work with a relaxed and restful mind.

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. [Robert Brault, Author]

9. Do a small act of kindness

It could be anything - helping someone around you in need, making an elderly cross the road, giving some useful suggestions to someone dealing with a problem - anything where you feel you’ve helped someone today.

How does it work?

Being kind not just makes another person happy but gives you deep inner joy. It doesn’t have to be anything big or major; try this out for a month straight and you’d notice how these small daily acts of kindness bring about a change in your attitude. You’d start feeling more grateful for what you have, which is the last point on my list.

10. Before going to bed, write down at least 3 things you were grateful for that day

We often forget in our daily hustle to express gratitude to that Higher Power for what we have. Yes, life’s stressful and so we complain. Fair enough. Natural. But there’s so much, really so much, that we are blessed with. The best way to realize this in daily life is to actually think about it; better write it.

Before you retire for the night, start a small practice (from today; why delay?) of writing down on a small piece of paper at least 3 things that instantly come to your mind which you feel grateful for. They could be some things from the past or those that may have happened that very day.

Jot them down and continue this practice on a daily basis, starting with setting a minimum target of 30 days at first. Don’t worry, once it becomes a part of your daily routine, you wouldn’t want to quit it!

How does it work?

Being grateful helps you realize the little precious things that you’ve been blessed with in life. This brings about a major change in your mindset, focusing on the positive stuff around you and feeling happy about so much that you have.

With this mental shift, you start feeling more happy and content from within, which of course leads to all of the other benefits detailed above in this post.

Wrapping Up

It doesn’t take much to get back to our inner joyful self, to feel good about all that we’re doing in our lives, and to continue staying on the path. It just needs a tiny change in what we call ATTITUDE.

All of the small but often-forgotten practices mentioned in this blog can help us achieve that attitudinal change - a change which can help charge us up whenever life seems too difficult. Again, it’s a try-for-yourself deal because only YOU can vouch for the benefits you enjoy from something. I just did!

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