When You Don't Find It, Create It! An Inspiring SAHM Story Featuring Simmi Anand
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It all began after her daughter’s 4th birthday. Like any other mother, she too felt that the time had come to introduce her daughter to newer subjects and varieties in books. So she started looking around for a book on English proverbs.

Well, she felt that her daughter was now old enough to be slowly introduced to understanding the deeper meanings behind these beautiful ageless proverbs that have been passing on generation after generation. However, she wasn’t really able to find one that could match her exact requirement or taste.

The books she found contained proverbs which were too short (barely a few lines). Moreover, she was looking for something more like a storybook format that could immediately appeal to her daughter (for she knew that her little girl absolutely loved stories!)

When she couldn’t find something satisfactory, she made up her mind to write one for her daughter herself! Wow! Considering that she had no prior experience in writing or publishing a book, I’d call the move fairly brave.

Meet Simmi Anand

Meet Simmi Anand, the SAHM-next-door who’s today the proud author of not just one but two storybooks for children titled, “Story time with Proverbs - Part-1” and “Story time with Proverbs - Part-2.”

And this is just the beginning. Simmi is nurturing her new-found love for creating content by writing blogs, making educational YouTube videos for children teaching them one new word with its meaning every day, and is also trying her hand at illustrations for her next book! All this while being a SAHM to a super-energetic 5-year-old!

In this candid conversation with me, Simmi shares her SAHM-turned-author experience, what inspired her to make this move, her biggest challenge as a SAHM in pursuing her passion yet why she refuses to give up, and her biggest gain as well. Watch the video through the end to know all this and much more! Simmi’s story is truly an inspiration for SAHMs to make a fresh start to the second innings of their life after kids happen.

My Review of Simmi’s Work

Being a mom to two kids, I was very keen on getting a glimpse into Simmi’s story books for children and I think I made a very wise choice there.

Simmi’s books were not just loved by my kids but I equally enjoyed reading them! The language is simple and at some places, Simmi has carefully chosen to insert a few difficult words because she felt that it’d help improve the child’s vocabulary. The meanings of those words are provided as footnote at every page. And yes, I found the idea brilliant because it totally worked with my elder one, helping her learn new words and meanings in every story.

Besides, at the end of each story are provided some exercises for children to attempt - Q&A and Fill in the Blanks - related to the story. It’s a great way for the parent to find out how much the child has actually understood the story and the proverb detailed therein.

Simmi’s YouTube channel is equally interesting where she teaches one new word to her daughter every day. These are simple, basic, everyday-use words which Simmi tries to teach the meanings of to kids in ways they can easily remember.

Simmi’s books are available for purchase on the following links:

Story time with Proverbs - Part-1

You can download the ebook on Google Books

Story time with Proverbs - Part-2 (paperback as well as Kindle)

Download the ebook on Google books

Follow Simmi on the following social media platforms -



Simmi’s personal blog

YouTube channel

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