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When I started my journey with, I’d written my first blog as a heartfelt post addressed to all the SAHMs out there, inspiring them to feel happy and proud of being one. You can check out the post here (High Five! You’re a Stay at Home Mom) in case you haven’t read it already.

The post was a small attempt from my side to make more SAHMs like me appreciate the commendable efforts (time and energy) they put in into raising well-mannered, cultured and responsible kids. Not to forget, the noble intent behind “choosing” to stay home and look after the family needs over their own desires to be financially independent or climb the success ladder at work.

Where a working mother strives to achieve project milestones every month; the SAHM is helping her child attain developmental milestones and also experiencing them the very moment they happen. A joy indescribable!

Now, this in no way should be misjudged or misinterpreted to mean that I have anything against working mothers in general. Hats off to their equally commendable efforts at balancing their home, office and kids well.

I only have a ‘slight’ problem here with those who seem to have a ‘huge’ problem with the fact that we didn’t choose the “seemingly conventional” path of working after kids happened, that we chose to quit our careers or that we chose to become SAHMs instead.

Thanks to this widely prevalent mindset in our society that a number of SAHMs like us begin to feel “worthless” with “just” doing household chores or raising kids day after day, year after year. After a while, they begin to question their purpose in life and start doubting their decision to quit their career and become a stay-at-home-mom.

Sadly enough for some, these questions from the society pinch so hard as to making these SAHMs feel low, even pushing them to the brink of depression.

This happens for real, ladies. I have come across several SAHMs along my journey who feel that they probably were better off working. And this is why I decided to make yet another small attempt (actually a continuation to my first blog post) where I’d be covering a few SAHMs who’re absolutely satisfied with being one! They feel that there’s nothing more important nor satisfying for them than to look after their growing kids’ needs and be with them, for them. What a beautiful thought!

It’s never too late to pursue a hobby

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

And then I also intend to cover some SAHMs who chose a slightly ‘unconventional’ path and are now an inspiration for other SAHMs to never give up on themselves, to never feel worthless. These mothers stay home and brilliantly manage their housework, their kids, and in whatever little time that remains with them, they happily nourish their passion/their hidden talent and fill their cups with joy, contentment and gratitude. What a beautiful thought again!

So I’m coming real soon with a new section on the blog, titled “Meet Our Inspiring SAHMs” and I hope that you’d find it inspiring and shower your love just like you’ve been doing so far :)

This new section is a small attempt from me to inspire the million SAHMs out there to stop feeling worthless/useless in “just” being a SAHM. Hear out stories of those on the one hand who find extreme joy in being a SAHM 24/7. And then there will be some stories as well of those SAHMs who chose to follow their heart and find joy in pursuing their dreams, regardless of whether they made any monetary earnings along the way.

All they cared for was to find joy in what they do or to nourish their new-found love for their dreams. Slowly, the thoughts of being worthless got left behind. A new journey on the road to joy and contentment began.

Stay tuned as I bring one such inspiring story every month and I sincerely hope that it would inspire several beautiful SAHMs out there :) See you soon!

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