5 Futile Dreams Of A Mom's Day Off (No Harm Dreaming!)
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We women are born dreamers. At a young age, we start dreaming of a picture-perfect life as depicted in fairy tales - marriage to a handsome prince in a faraway kingdom and living happily ever after.

After marriage, we start dreaming about holding a tiny bundle of joy in our arms, the one who’d complete us as a woman. Once that happens, life takes a funny twist.

So do our dreams. How many of us dream of days (rather, just one day in our life) when we could get time off from motherhood? We can be honest here because we all know the answer (haha!)

Alas! There’s just one small problem. There never really is a day off from motherhood. Working moms. Stay at home moms. Single moms. It’s the same story everywhere. As long as you’re a mom, you’re on duty 24/7, 365/12. Period.

Coming back to our tendency to dream, well, who says we need to stop dreaming just because we’re a mom? If anything, it might just bring a faint smile on our stressed faces. There’s never been any harm dreaming, after all!

So let’s get started. Here I put forth my top 5 dreams (futile as they may be, I know) of how my day off from being a mom would look like. I’d love to hear your dreams too at the end of this post (let’s face it, everyone dreams of a day off like this).

My 5 Futile Dreams Of A Mom’s Day Off

#1: Sleep in until late

Topping the list is something all moms crave for and, I’d say, truly deserve too. Moms are so sleep-deprived, guys! These kids just don’t sleep! And not just when they’re babies, their sleep seems to get lesser by the day as they grow older. These active munchkins are on fire all the time! Wonder where they get so much energy from? But they sure do drain us of it all by the end of the day.

All we need is just some sleep and rest. If I had one day off from motherhood, I’d love to sleep in until, well, whenever I felt like. No rush to wake up early and get kids ready for school or pack lunch; I just want to sleep like how I did when I wasn’t married or before I had kids. Ah! Those days.

#2: Enjoy food that I don’t have to make

After a deep slumber, I wake up to the pangs of hunger. I crave for something hot and yummy and I’m directed to a table laid out with some of the best goodies in the world and, all of them my favorites.

A scene that seems to be taken straight from the movie “Alice in Wonderland!” And you know the best part? I don’t have to make a single dish laid out on that table! Even better? I just sit at the table and I’m served hot breakfast. Hot toast popped right out of the toaster with butter and jam already spread over it. A cup of hot coffee sitting right beside it, waiting to be sipped and enjoyed.

Oh! Forgot to mention the most important part - all of the above with no interruptions, whatsoever! No crying baby who’s hungry or wants a diaper change right when I sit to eat. No phone call that rings only around that time. No doorbell, no neighbor calling, no deliveries, nothing. Just me and my food bliss!

#3: Enter into a room of absolutely well-behaved kids

Pin-drop silence. I open the door to my kids’ room to find two angels quietly seated on the bed as though glued to it! I can hardly believe my eyes! No clutter in the room, no stuff strewn all over the place, the bed made to its neatest, the kids displaying their best mannerisms.

Nobody’s fighting over pencils, erasers, or toys, nobody’s howling as though straight out of a jungle - a day when these little monsters would just be cute, little angels from a fairy tale.

And where am I in the middle of it all? Reading a magazine or catching up on social media without being interrupted by anyone every few minutes with a question or complaint.

#4: Go crazy window-shopping (or even shop ‘til I drop)

We all agree. Shopping with kids - an impossible task. Some of us actually end up not going shopping at all for this reason, precisely because we can’t leave kids anywhere else. Not that online shopping doesn’t work (it has so far) but the charm and magic of window-shopping, occasionally stopping by at a store to pick something at random, is irreplaceable.

#5: Enjoy a long shower, at last

No more hurried baths for a few minutes until kids arrive from school. The one day when I can actually relax in the shower and experience the real purpose that showers and bathtubs are meant to serve. To complete the experience - some essential oils of my choice and, oh yes, loofah! The perfect bath experience of a lifetime.

So now tell me more about these ‘days off’ and ‘weekends’ you speak of and how do I sign up for them? - Every Mom

My Perfect Dream? Where The Show Still Runs On My Day Off!

What’s our biggest fear of taking a day off from our duties? Well, how will the house possibly run without us in the picture? No exaggeration or flattery here, it’s bare truth. The whole house runs on us. We run this show day and night. One day off and what would it all turn into? Would the show actually blow up?

The perfect dream would be to witness the show that hasn’t blown up in spite of our absence. Where everyone would be diligently performing each of their duties to their best and nobody needs me for anything!

Ha! You wish! How all of this and much more could be true…how we could actually afford a day off to spend just the way we want and not for anyone else (kids or family). Ah! Sweet dreams to cherish…until I wake up again.

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